About userlists

It is possible to control access to frontend/backend/listen sections or to http stats by allowing only authenticated and authorized users. To do this, it is required to create at least one userlist and to define users.

Parameter: Description:
Name: Creates new userlist with name . Many independent userlists can be used to store authentication & authorization data for independent customers.
Group: Adds group to the current userlist. It is also possible to attach users to this group by using a comma separated list of names proceeded by "users" keyword.
User: Adds user to the current userlist.

How to use:

userlist basic-auth-list
  group is-regular-user
  group is-admin

  user admin  insecure-password adminpassword	groups is-admin
  user editor insecure-password editorpassword
  user guest  insecure-password guestpassword	groups is-regular-user
backend web-draw-production
  acl draw-auth http_auth(basic-auth-list)
  http-request auth realm draw unless draw-auth
backend web-devops-production
  acl devops-auth http_auth_group(basic-auth-list) is-admin
  http-request auth realm devops unless devops-auth