Difference between Admin area and Servers pages

About problem

There are two quite similar pages: the "Admin area" and the "Servers" pages. Both consist the "Users", "Servers", "SSH credentials" and other pages and tabs. Well, what different between them?

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Admin area

First off all, the "Admin area" pages are for the "superAdmin" role. No one else does not have access to it. Next different is that it consists all users, server and etc.

As conclusion we can say the "Admin area" should be used as the place where you can edit and view all resources what in HAProxy-WI. One entry point for managing all resources.

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Servers page

The "Servers" page is designed for the "admin" role. For who menages groups. There are only resources which inside certain group. It helpful when there are a lot of resources inside HAProxy-WI. The "Server" page helps separate and structure servers, users and etc. in their own workspace.

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