About update


If you use RPM package then just type:
If the server uses proxy to connection to the Internet add proxy settings in yum.conf:

Update the HAProxy-WI via the Web Interface

Before update via Web Interface you should add persmission for the apache user for sudo:
Adds persmission for the apache user:
If the server uses proxy to connection Internet add proxy settings in yum.conf:

Before uses RPM repository you should donate to support project on Patreon or on PayPal and I will send you credentials for access. Actual prices you can see on Patreon. But you can donate as many as you can or as you want. Please indicate the purpose of the donation, if any.

How to start use RPM read in Installation man

Updating from 4.2.2 and earlier to later versions

Becouse of a new version of Python there is conflict between two packages: The newer package python36-mod_wsgi conflicts with the oldier python35u-mod_wsgi. For updating to version 4.2.3 you should delete the old package before update:
After deleting you can run updating via HAProxy-WI or manually:

Updating from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 version

Because of has been made a lot of work for improving work with groups and roles needs to update a HAProxy-WI DB. It can be done only manually.

Note: you must be logged on the HAProxy-WI before actions or have admin user with the group "All"

First of all update HAProxy-WI, after run next commands:
This action will drop settings to the default.

Also you should re-create all you groups. If you re-create the groups in the same order that they created, it will not affect on your users and servers.