HAProxy-WI config

Edit $HOME_HAPROXY-WI/app/haproxy-wi.cfg with your env. Default config:

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HAProxy config

If you use HAProxy service installed without HAProxy-WI then for RunTime API, Metrics and for "Auto start" you have to enable state file and stat socket on HAProxy servers, also you have to install socat to the all haproxy servers, and configure HAProxy service. Add to HAProxy config next and restart the services:

For Antibot protection add the next two backends:
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Nginx config

If you use installed Nginx without HAProxy-WI then for viewing stats and for "Auto start" you should add the next configuration to all your Nginx servers:

And generate login/password with htpasswd into /etc/nginx/status_page_passwdfile

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DB settings

Default the HAProxy-WI uses the Sqlite, if you want to use the MySQL enable it in the config file(haproxy-wi.cfg):

And create a database:

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Apache settings

If you want to use your own domain name you should edit haproxy-wi.conf for Apache:

Edit the next string, replace "" on your own:

And if you want to have redirect from the port 80 to the port 443, you should add next:

In order to change the certificates you should edit:

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