The "Checker" service description


The checker service consists of two parts:

The "Master checker" runs the "Worker checker". The "Master checker" should be running always.

When you want to start monitoring HAProxy service the "Master checker" will start local worker for every HAProxy service. The "Worker checker" will check every backend server and HAProxy status remotely by 1999 port(by default). If any backend lost connect with the HAProxy service or the HAProxy service is fallen, the checker will send message via Telegram about it If you want to use and if you have install HAProxy service manually read how you should set HAProxy service.


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For Checker installation you should run:

How start using RPM you can read here


The "Master checker" and "Worker checker" Logs

The "Master checker" and "Worker checker" have their own log in an "Internal logs". You can read more about the "Internal logs" here

Parameter: Description:
Token Token that gave you @father_bot
Channel name Name of your channel
Group You can set one of the exists group. Group = namespace. Members from one group cannot see servers from another
HAProxy-WI checker