HAProxy-WI Pricing

Manual installation
  1. Manual installation only available
  2. Without Simple monitoring service(SMON)
  3. Without Metrics collection service
  4. Without Auto start service
  5. Without Backend checker service
  6. Community support is only available
For home users
Starting at $6.72/month
For company
Starting at $21/month
  1. Everything in "For home users"
  2. Tech support
  3. Communication channels: email, service desk system
  4. Response time: within a week
HAProxy-WI cloud
Starting at $29.40/month
  1. Everything in "For company"
  2. Response time: within 24 hours
  3. HAProxy-WI Cloud server
Starting at $63/month
  1. Everything in "For company"
  2. Communication channels: email, Telegram
  3. Response time: within 3 hours
  4. Engineer will investigate a problem at your installation

We can provide receipt for you if you need. Just mention it in any way convenient for you

Also you can use PayPal instead of Patreon as payment method

If you prefer PayPal as your donation method, you will have access to the repositories, respectively, donation. Minimum $5 to gain access.
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