How to setup servers, group and SSH credentials

Note: if SSH user use sudo, sudo must be with option: NOPASSWD

First of all you have to create a local user on your HAProxy services. Let's call it a "proxyadmin". Generate SSH key for it or set a password. If you choose SSH key then upload it locally, use command ssh-copyid

After you have created the user, go to the HAProxy-WI "Admin area" and create a new group:


A new group is not necessary, but groups are more convenient to manage servers

After you have created group good idea create a new HAProxy-WI user. Use default users isn't good idea. Go to the "Users" tab in the "Admin area" and press "Add" button. You will see:


Next step is adding remote user. Go to the "SSH credentials" tab and create a new user:


You can choose which auth method HAProxy-WI will use: SSH key or password. Is dependent on your first step. If you have choosen the SSH key auth method, then you have to upload the private key, which you generated in the first step:


And the final step is adding a new server! Go the "Servers" tab in the "Admin area" and press the "Add" button. You will see:


Press the "Add" button, and enjoy!

Also you can check connection between the HAProxy-WI server and the HAProxy server by pressing "Check" button

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