How to dynamically change IPs and ports

About changing IPs and ports

HAProxy-WI gives ability to change IPs and ports for backends servers on-fly without reloading or restarting HAProxy service. Just choose needs server, enter new IP, port and press the "Enter" button. Step-by-step how to is below.

This function works only if HAProxy service has been installed via HAProxy-WI or if it has been set up with properly settings. How it should be you can readhere

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Edit IPs and ports

Go to the Runtime API -> Change IP and port.

First step: we have to choose a server where we would like to change settings(in the black box)

Second step: choose needs backend(in the blue box)

Third step: choose certain server inside the backend, HAProxy-WI shows running settings, you have ability to change them(in the yellow box)

Fourth step: press "Enter"(in the red box)

How to dynamically change IPs and ports
Changes take effect immediately and not only on running configuration, but will be saved in config file too. It means that after restarting HAProxy service they will not be lost.

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