The "Adding servers" description

Parameter: Description:
Hostname The server hostname. It will display at the all pages of HAProxy-WI
IP The IP address of the server. It will use to connect by SSH
SSH SSH port for connect. Default 22
Group You can set one of the exists group. Group = namespace. Members from one group cannot see servers from another
Enable If the servers are enabled they will shows at the all pages. You can uncheck the checkbox to temporarily hide the servers
Virt It is like IP address VRRP. You can add VRRP address for quick access to active server. When "VIRT" is enabled servers will not display anywhere except the "State" and the "Overivew" pages. It is useful for the "Metrics" and the "Checker" to do not have over metrics and over alerts. For example: you can activate metrics only on VRRP address and you always will have metrics only from active servers. The same for alerts
Alert If alert is enabled you will receive messages on the telegram channels when of backends will changed they status. Was moved to the "HAProxy overview" page since v4.0
Metrics Enable this if you want to collect backends metrics. Was moved to the "HAProxy overview" page since v4.0
Start If the checkbox is enabled HAProxy-WI will try start HAProxy service if the service for some reason will down. Was moved to the "HAProxy overview" page since v4.0
Slave for If you use balancers cluster choose master server for slave and will be uploaded new configs and restart service at slave when changes will happened at the master
Credentials Choose exists credentials for SSH access
Description Just some description for better understanding