Good news everyone

v4.3.4 (02.08.2020)

  1. Was added ability to edit black and white lists without restarting HAProxy service

v4.3.3 (15.07.2020)

  1. Nice and convenient sticky-tables output
  2. Nice and convenient interface for managing sticky-tables

v4.3.2 (01.07.2020)

  1. Was added ability to use regex in log filter
  2. Was added ability to exclude line by regex in log filter
  3. Support for LDAPS

v4.3.1 (15.06.2020)

  1. Sorting servers: it will give ability to sort on you own for displaing on the "Metrics", "Overview", etc pages
  2. Ability dynamically change "maxconn" for Frontends, Listens and Global
  3. Ability dynamically change backend IP and port
  4. The "Installation" page was splitted into two pages

v4.3.0 (01.06.2020)

  1. Page for manage internal HAProxy-WI tools: start/stop/disable/enable tools: Metrics master, Alerts Master, Auto start, Fail2ban, Grafana and Prometheus
  2. Fail2ban implemented. This will provide more protection against brute force attacks for SSH, Apache and HAProxy-WI if your server is on the Internet
  3. Was added reload function for HAProxy and Nginx on the "Overview" pages
  4. Was added sorting for the Internal logs
  5. Was fixed bug with permissions in the Internal logs
  6. Was added the ability to assign multiple groups to a user
  7. Was added the ability to switch between groups on any page
  8. Was imporoved the "Overview" pages: a nice pie graphs insetead text in the "Server status"
  9. Ability to install a new version of HAProxy (2.0.14)
  10. Was fixed bug with MySQL and metrics

v4.2.3 (10.05.2020)

  1. The "Nginx Overview" page
  2. Was added opening ports for Nginx virtual hosts
  3. Was fixed SSH check connection
  4. Was fixed Metrics worker bug
  5. Ports for Grafana and Prometheus servers will be opened by default with installation
  6. Was improved the "Overview" page: there are more statuses for workers
  7. Was added ability to uploaded Black/White lists to separate servers
  8. Was added mirror for HAProxy RPMs for to be on the safe side
  9. A new Python! Installation will be much faster, and easier manage packages. How to update read here

v4.2.2 (22.04.2020)

  1. Was improved the "Overview" page: added Grafana and Prometheus servers status
  2. Ports for the exporters will open by default with installation
  3. HAProxy-WI configure remote rsyslog for HAProxy logs
  4. A few small bugs in Keepalived installation
  5. Was fixed bug with Lists upload
  6. Was fixed a few small with Telegram
  7. Was added ability to reload HAProxy service in Lists upload

v4.2.1 (06.04.2020)

  1. Was fixed bug with non ascii characters
  2. Was fixed bug with WAF service
  3. Was fixed bug with SELinux on EL8
  4. Was fixed bug with installation Keepalived
  5. Was fixed bug with Auto restart tool
  6. A new edit style for the "Admin" and "Servers" page for prevent browser autofill

v4.2.0 (03.04.2020)

  1. Ability to install Grafana with pre-installed HAProxy and Nginx dashboards
  2. Ability to install Prometheus server
  3. Ability to install HAProxy exporter
  4. Ability to install Nginx exporter
  5. Was imporoved the "Show config"
  6. Pretty config shows for Nginx like HAProxy config shows
  7. Stats port for Nginx opens in firewalld by default with installation

v4.1.0 (24.03.2020)

  1. Was added a stats page for Nginx
  2. Was added log page for Nginx
  3. Now the SSL certificate is generated dynamically during installation via RPM. This provides more security
  4. Was fixed bug with shows "check connection" status on the "Servers" page
  5. Was fixed bug with Firewalld
  6. Sets SELinux permissive mode by default with installation HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived now
  7. Ability to install a new version of HAProxy (2.0.13)
  8. Was fixed bug about dots in hostnames

v4.0.0 (17.03.2020)

  1. Nginx support!
  2. Was added ability to installation Nginx service
  3. Was added ability to editing Nginx config
  4. Was added ability to push changes to All Master/Slave server with a single click
  5. Was added ability to upload the versions Nginx configs
  6. Was added ability to compare the versions Nginx configs
  7. Was added ability to view the Nginx error logs
  8. Was added ability to start/stop/restart the Nginx services via HAProxy-WI
  9. Was imporoved the HAProxy-WI overview page: there is Nginx services status now
  10. The servers settings: "Alert", "Metrics" and "Auto start" were moved to the "HAProxy overview" page
  11. Was removed the "Monitor" menu
  12. The menus: "Options", "Servers" and "Userlists" were moved to the "Add proxy" page
  13. Was fixed Add VRRP bug
  14. Was fixed loging log in bug
  15. Was design improved: were removed all images, instead them uses the Fontawesome
  16. SELinux support in the RPM
  17. Was fixed bug with SSL certs on EL8
  18. Was optimized code base
  19. Was closed a few security issues

v3.13.0.0 (17.02.2020)

  1. Was added ability to upload the versions Keepalived configs
  2. Were imporoved the HAProxy-WI overview page: there is Keepalived service status now

v3.12.2.2 (10.02.2020)

  1. Was removed ability edit IP address in a server setting
  2. Bug fixed: was bug on the "Add" pages with checks
  3. Was closed SQL Injection per uuid Cookie

v3.12.2.1 (3.02.2020)

  1. Was improved the "HAProxy Overview" page: There is Master/Slave relationships between servers now
  2. The "WAF" page bug fix: the start and stop buttons

v3.12.2 (27.01.2020)

  1. Code works with AJAX was optimized
  2. Were improved logging; now mostly actions in "Admin area" are logged
  3. Small bugs fix

v3.12.1 (20.01.2020)

  1. Was added ability add the "Server-template" via the "Add" pages
  2. "log_path" was deleted from config file because unused
  3. "cert_local_dir" was moved from config file into Web as "ssl_local_path"
  4. Was optimized "create db" file: was deleted deprecated functions
  5. Bug fix: problem with lists upload
  6. Were improved logging; now there are logs for: change WAF mode and actions with lists

v3.12.0 (13.01.2020)

  1. Backups! Now HAProxy-WI has ability to backup saved config files of HAProxy
  2. Was improved interface for mobile
  3. The "Runtime API" bug was fixed

v3.11.0 (06.01.2020)

  1. Were improved the "WAF" page: now loading information about servers goes in parallel, which significantly increases the speed of loading pages, especially if some servers are unavailable
  2. The Ansible roles now included installation HAProxy for EL8
  3. There is a new version of HAProxy 2.0.12
  4. Small bugs fix
  5. Was added MYSQL port to HAProxy-WI config

v3.10.1 (30.12.2019)

  1. Was improved WAF install script
  2. Was added a new WAF rules: v3.0.2
  3. The Ansible roles now included installation epel reposipory for EL
  4. Was optimized the DB code, now it works faster
  5. Logging of more actions in the "Admin area" has been added.
  6. Bug fix: was bug with sends form from the "Add" pages

v3.10.0 (27.12.2019)

  1. Were improved the "Overview" pages: now loading information about servers goes in parallel, which significantly increases the speed of loading pages, especially if some servers are unavailable
  2. Bug fix: problem with work via proxy
  3. Bug fix: notice about a new version
  4. Was optimized modules list

v3.9.4 (23.12.2019)

  1. Bugs fix

v3.9.3 (18.12.2019)

  1. Was added a new version HAProxy
  2. Bug fix
  3. Was improved the "Config edit" page

v3.9.2 (15.12.2019)

  1. Was improved Ansible role for installation HAProxy(port opening has been added)
  2. Bug fix

v3.9.1 (11.12.2019)

  1. Bug fix

v3.9 (08.12.2019)

  1. Was moved from GET to POST
  2. Was improved the "Overview" page

v3.8.2 (04.12.2019)

  1. Were improved breadcrums
  2. Was improved interface for mobile
  3. Was improved LDAP support

v3.8.1 (02.12.2019)

  1. Were added breadcrums
  2. Was improved interface for mobile
  3. Was improved logging

v3.8 (30.11.2019)

  1. Ability update installed HAProxy service
  2. Ansible roles were impoved
  3. A new version HAProxy appeared

v3.7.4 (25.11.2019)

  1. A new REST API endpoint: log

v3.7.3.3 (22.11.2019)

  1. Small bugs fix

v3.7.3.2 (19.11.2019)

  1. The "Config show" was impoved

v3.7.3.1 (15.11.2019)

  1. Small design changes

v3.7.3 (12.11.2019)

  1. The HAProxy server overview was improved

v3.7.2 (09.11.2019)

  1. Small bugs fix

v3.7.1 (07.11.2019)

  1. Ansible roles were improved

v3.7 (03.11.2019)

  1. Now installation HAProxy and Keepalived will be via Ansible

v3.6.1 (01.11.2019)

  1. Were added new functions REST API
  2. Bugs fix

v3.6 (29.10.2019)


v3.5.8 (25.10.2019)

  1. New HAProxy server page
  2. Headers protections
  3. Code optimization
  4. Bugs fix

v3.5.7.1 (21.10.2019)

  1. Code optimization
  2. Design fix
  3. Bugs fix

v3.5.7 (19.10.2019)

  1. Ability add userlist as separate section
  2. Design fix
  3. Bugs fix

v3.5.6 (15.10.2019)

  1. Ability choose HAProxy version in the Install page

v3.5.5 (14.10.2019)

  1. The "Overview" pages are improved

v3.5.4 (11.10.2019)

  1. Attack on change group
  2. Token security issue
  3. Improved desing
  4. Bugs fix

v3.5.3 (09.10.2019)

  1. Attack to privilege escalation
  2. New "Saved servers" section
  3. Bugs fix

v3.5.2 (07.10.2019)

  1. Mobile-ready design
  2. The "Peers" now are separate section in configs
  3. Bugs fix
  4. Improved HAProxy-WI logs

v3.5.1 (06.10.2019)

  1. New metrics

v3.5 (06.10.2019)

  1. Many interface changes
  2. Bug fix

v3.4.9.5 (01.10.2019)

  1. Added ability to reload instead of restart
  2. Improved interface

v3.4.9.4 (30.09.2019)

  1. Improved the User page
  2. Improved the log pages
  3. Logos!
  4. Improved design!

v3.4.9.3 (28.09.2019)

  1. Securety issue
  2. Bugs fix

v3.4.9.2 (27.09.2019)

  1. Improved the Overview page
  2. Improved the "Add Proxy" page
  3. Improved the admin page
  4. Bugs fix

v3.4.9 (23.09.2019)

  1. New the overview HAProxy-WI page
  2. New the overview HAProxy page
  3. New the "Add Proxy" page

v3.4.8 (20.09.2019)

  1. Appeared ability edit not whole config, just separate sections
  2. Some new design
  3. Improved the "Options"
  4. Bugs fixed

v3.4.7 (17.09.2019)

  1. Now combined version sections(upload and delete)
  2. Appeared "Options" tab where you can save options and after use them for adds your proxy

v3.4.6.1 (15.09.2019)

  1. Improved logging. Now in the "Internals log" haproxy-wi log all systems events
  2. Improved update. Now HAProxy-WI will be show you if there is a new version(near HAProxy-WI version)

v3.4.6 (14.09.2019)

  1. Add update HAProxy-WI page

v3.4.5.1 (14.09.2019)

  1. Refactoring installation script
  2. Fixed mobile version

v3.4.5 (14.09.2019)

  1. WAF was improved
  2. Overview was improved
  3. Bugs fixed

v3.4.4.7 (13.09.2019)

  1. Stat page was improved
  2. Fixed bugs

v3.4.4.6 (13.09.2019)

  1. Auto start function was improved
  2. Auto start function indicator appeared
  3. Fixed bugs